Irene is a Spanish born photographer living between Spain and the UK. She is specialized in landscape and documentary photography. Irene is a member of the F22 Photographic Association in her hometown, Tres Cantos, of the Real Sociedad Fotografica in Madrid and of the Royal Photographic Society.

Irene attended photography school in 2017, graduated at PhotoEspaña’s International School PIC.A Alcobendas, and is now attending the second year of the MA in Photography at University of Brighton’s School of Art and Media.

Her first work Northern Lights won a major national award for emerging photographers in 2019 and has been shown in several collective and individual exhibitions. On November 2021 she released her second project, Imperfect. Imperfect was published as a book and exhibited at the Real Sociedad Fotográfica in Madrid on November 2021; the exhibit will itinerate through several sites in 2022.

Currently, Irene is working on her next project, Foreign, Foreigner.





“I am a documentary and landscape photographer. I am interested in the land, the lives of those who inhabit it and how they shape it.

I photograph entropy and change. I focus on those who make a living in the ‘edgelands’ of the rich world, and on the process of change to a post-industrial environment.Both are often inextricably related.

Most of what I photograph won’t be there in a few years. I reckon that in a way I do archeology.

The second thing that moves me is wonderment. There is something I see and cannot explain when I decide to take an image or in how I approach a person’s portrait. It is a combination: what it represents -as a symbol, or an icon- but also the aesthetic impression, the beauty.»