Under Lock

Under Lock is a documentary landscape photography project fielded between February and April 2021. My original intention was to do a very different project elsewhere, but lockdown in Spain between December 2020 and May 2021 decided for me. I could not leave the Madrid Region, and many towns as well as areas of the city were under lock, too. I saw myself forced to photograph the Region; and in order to keep my eyes ‘clean’, I focussed on areas that I had never visited or had not seen for a long while.
Generally I avoided the city. It minimizes the rest. There are some images taken at the outskirts, but those are areas where the city stops being such and becomes something different.
I used a Region map to organize my work, and have done some panoramic images that have some descriptive value, but this is by no means a Project following any kind of Landscape Topographic tradition. So nothing like Baltz, or Guirri, or the Dusseldorf School. I have photographed, as usual, what impressed my eye, and that makes it hopelessly biased and personal.
The crisis left deep wounds, abandonment and poverty. It is a reality of which I was only marginally conscious and does not make it my kindest work. But there is still some kind of strange beauty even in the harshest images.
I tried to keep a distance, but it has brought a lot of sadness.