Northern Lights

In 2018, I visited a retrospective exhibition of a well-known Spanish photographer, Carlos Canovas. There was a section of photographs taken in the early 90s at the Ria de Bilbao, then a heavy industry zone along the banks of the estuary of the river Nervión.
Mr Canovas’ work inspired me to try for the first time to create a large project. I photographed the ports of Gijon, Aviles and Santander. In the end I could not resist to add Bilbao, photographing the estuary and the port.
The result is a work of night landscape with some documentary value, but mostly an emotional trip. As I wrapped this project I realised that most of what I photographed will not exist in a few years. Northern Lights is a registry of human print, showing transientness: a crossroads between an industrial past and an unknown but very different future.